Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dreamer No. 5 ~ Coming in March

Darkness and rain poured down upon a shallow maze of streets marked infrequently by lampposts of archaic design.  Chasing in the official capacity had brought Stuart to a junction that led in two directions down a street occupied by few and in one other direction, through an alleyway that was marked by even deeper darkness.  He was tempted to take flight in a form better suited for the pace of the night’s activities, but the urgency of the situation was not yet pressing enough.  Perhaps, had he been alone…but he was not.
In testimony to the fact, the small form of Mei Lin arrived beside him, her own path lit by the floating beacon of spirit light she had manifested for herself when the search for their fugitive had begun.  A fugitive from what exactly, Stuart always struggled to fully ascertain.  Was it justice served when a mortal agency sought to rebuke immortal beings primarily on the helpless fact that they were immortal beings?  Stuart thought not, though he did realize that there were immortal beings, like mortal ones, who made existence deliberately difficult for others.  And maybe it was particularly difficult on mortals, given that they had less ability to protect themselves from that which held significant ability to disrupt their lives.  Still, Stuart couldn’t help but to maintain a certain amount of sympathy and empathy for those he had been sentenced to help convict.
“He’s that way,” Mei Lin announced, bringing Stuart back to the pursuit of the hour.  Her hand was pointed directly at the alley.
Stuart gave a nod that was underscored with a sigh.  The rain was diminishing his already diminished appearance beneath the mortal veil he’d been charged to wear.  It was also fogging his glasses.  That a faerie should have to contend with such boorishly shackled charm was offensive, and continued to be offensive, no matter how far into his service within the agency he managed.  He would much rather be Home.
He took a step forward, stopping abruptly when the massive form of their target barreled out of the alley toward them, turning sharply to avoid a collision.  The swiftness of the towering individual’s passing actually drew limp strands of Stuart’s not-as-blonde-as-it-should-be hair into its wake.  A sleeker figure followed at an agile sprint, reminding Stuart in the brief seconds the vampire’s presence brushed past him why he was in actuality not as offended by his position away from Home as he tried to be.
“He’s fast,” Daniel complained while in pursuit.
“Duh,” Mei Lin said after him.  “He’s a werewolf.”
The vampire was in far too great a hurry to hear or respond to the spiritualist’s comment.  The creature of interest had a significant lead, bounding at times on all fours toward freedom. 

Dreamer No, 5: Man's Best Fiend
Available March 9 From Raventide Books

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grotesque No. 4

She held a violet as her first behind something wrong.
Night, the too definitive, too absolute pall…   
The streets  of man, non-existent on a trinity of rivers…
Perhaps smaller siblings were in the tree lines, going  back.
There were less before.

A gentle moon glowed, seeming somehow without doubt while celebrating her years.
A tall gray range, used and without time, could go on with luck.
Two observers gaze before their arrival, just in range of the horizon. 
Anything else falls past shadow, crouched at the edge of  a statue bone-white, 
wind beneath it. 

A man that was adorned with concentration, himself donned a similar white . 
His level earned not given.
She didn't have much to her but she hoped to be tested beyond herself.
His mastery wouldn't prevent a way if it was best.

They stepped off her castle into invisible arms to  silently carry them down,
to the somewhere that paralleled the slightest difference.
She kept the difference while a chain of disturbances fell past her, 
the weight of them nearly halved by him.
She believed that Armageddon looked at her  then.
The stark look of it gave no doubts.

“Make no mistake. This is allowed to happen.”

Poetry "Grotesque No. 4" Copyright ©  T.A. Miles

Original Artwork "Cherished Deadends", used under license by CC,
Derivation "Grotesque No. 4" by T. A. Miles

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Release Date: Blood Wars Trilogy Book 3 ~ Blood Reign

             Korsten washes up on the shores of his childhood home, where he discovers that his past may well have been designed by the demon responsible for Haddowyn’s dark fate, and for leading Morenne in the war against Edrinor.  While he explores what has been so long forgotten, the enemy invades Indhovan, bringing with it destructive new weapons.  In Vassenleigh, the Mage-Superiors unlock a long-protected secret that could change the Spectrum of magic as their world knows it.  Korsten’s own path to discovery could help him to understand his relationship to Song and to truly master the Siren spell in the interest of protecting Edrinor, but it could also lead to the darkest era their world will ever know.

Available December 31st from Raventide Books

Monday, November 30, 2015

A Cold Discovery ~ Excerpt From Six Celestial Swords

“He’s human.”
“And I’m a dwarf!  Can you make any other plain-as-day observations, elf?”
“You’re a dwarf without much armor,” Alere replied without tone.  While Tarfan blustered and fumed about the implied threat, the elf added, “This man is heavily armored in a fashion I’ve never quite seen the likes of.  The metal’s strangely pale.  And here...what’s this emblem?”
“He’s a knight of Andaria,” Tarfan blurted angrily.  “Wouldn’t expect a mountain elf to recognize one.  Though, what a knight of Andaria is doing this far north...”
“Is he alive?” Xu Liang asked when it seemed that elf and dwarf were intent to leave out the only truly important detail concerning the stranger.
Alere was kneeling beside the unconscious man, but it was Tarfan who had to step forward and check his pulse as the elf made no motions to do so.  The dwarf nodded once.
“What should we do?” Taya asked, mounted once again upon Guang Ci’s horse, having taken well to her daily riding beside the mystic she’d grown to admire and respect.  Xu Liang treated her with patience even when she complained about her ‘ill feelings’ or asked too many questions.  He seemed to encourage her questions while Tarfan constantly enforced his guardianship upon her, telling her to sit still and be silent.
In this instance the mystic gave his answer to everyone.  “We must stop and tend to him lest he share his horse’s fate.”
Taya looked upon the frozen animal with pity.  Then she remembered her pouch and the herbs, roots, and petals she always carried with her own journal—that wasn’t filled with Tarfan’s silly history lessons or diagrams of worthless artifacts.  During the years she’d been traveling with her uncle she had taken up a study of the plant life in different lands.  Through reading, interrogation of locals, and experimentation she had learned quite a lot about the various poisons and medicines found in nature.  It was her secret desire to become a healer and so she leapt at this first real opportunity with alacrity.  “I can help!”
Everyone looked at her, even the guards who couldn’t possibly have understood what she said.  The elf seemed disinterested, Bastien was neutrally quiet, and Fu Ran seemed mildly curious.  Tarfan frowned dubiously. 
Xu Liang, however, kept his eyes on the ice-rimed stranger and said—as if she were of equal status and importance as everyone else on this expedition, “Please, do so.  The weather is looking disagreeable.  I’d like to move away from these heavier clouds before it begins to snow again.”

Available from Raventide Books

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Snippet No. 13

“Ghosts and goblins, huh?” Daniel mumbled.
Stuart pulled his jacket on and slipped his preferred lengths of flax-gold hair out from beneath it, letting it fall down his back.  “A spirit,” he corrected.  “And at least one goblin.”
Daniel frowned.  “Spirit, ghost…same thing.”
“Well, no,” Stuart began, searching for his glasses.  They weren’t in any of his pockets.  He wondered if Daniel had even returned them yet.  Looking to see if Daniel was holding onto the irritating spectacles, Stuart continued, “Ghosts are disconnected from bodies and spirits are typically still attached…or never were to begin with.”
Daniel just looked at Stuart.
Stuart didn’t see the glasses on the vampire’s person, and began checking his own pockets again.  “Spirits are living, while ghosts are dead,” he reiterated.
Daniel’s brow furrowed.  “Let’s agree to disagree with that idea.  What are you looking for?”
“My glasses,” Stuart answered.  He scanned the floor around him in the case that he’d dropped them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Available from Raventide Books

Friday, September 4, 2015

Quote No. 3

"The spirit cannot exist in a sealed void.  It will eventually devour itself or waste away."

Mage-Adept Merran
Available From Raventide Books

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grotesque No. 3

How long your words are softly spoken,
delivered with razor edge. 
You begin to churn time. 

The ancient man sits motionless as eons.
The urgency exhales into zeal.
I am over watching the skylight dance beneath its own demise.

It tests his patience;
Reminds him that stars are powerful,
Cold eyes from the most enigmatic source.

Decided once a fool,
The old man sitting in the black performs patience well,
Nothing from an intolerable life should extend to legacy.

His head sticking with wound, dark blood in his veins.
He feels his hands may have been exact at reproach.
You are precious even if not there.

The smile of the ancient man betrays the truth;
He hasn't any of his own to take.
No, but then I am restless as time.
It has too long.

Poetry "Grotesque No. 3" Copyright ©  T.A. Miles

Original Artwork "Another Misplaced Third Eye", used under license by CC,
Derivation "Grotesque No. 3" by T. A. Miles